SOL Flies High: Solana NFTs Witness Massive Growth

• Solana’s NFT ecosystem witnessed a significant surge over the last seven days, with MadLads topping the list of most traded collections.
• The blockchain’s overall trade count and total trade volume in USD increased significantly.
• SOL’s MACD and RSI looked bullish, while its CMF suggested otherwise.

Solana’s NFT Ecosystem Sees Significant Growth

Solana’s Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ecosystem experienced a notable surge over the last seven days. According to CRYPTOSLAM, the number of buyers and sellers of Solana NFTs rose by more than 100%. Moreover, MadLads was the most traded collection during this period.

Trade Volume Increases

The blockchain’s total number of trades and total trade volume in USD both increased considerably over the past week. Notably, SOL’s demand in the futures market grew as well.

Technical Indicators

The technical indicators for SOL were mostly bullish; its MACD and RSI looked positive while its CMF suggested otherwise.

Long-Term Impact on Price?

It remains to be seen if Solana’s success in the NFT space will have a long-term impact on SOL’s price. However, with more users sticking with the blockchain and increasing transaction volume, it looks likely that SOL will remain strong in the future.


Overall, Solana’s recent achievements in the NFT space are encouraging signs for investors looking to invest in SOL tokens. With strong technical indicators and increasing transaction volumes, it is likely that SOL will enjoy greater success going forward.


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